Obras literárias em materiais didáticos no ensino/aprendizagem on-line de PLE: reflexões iniciais


  • Douglas Altamiro Consolo Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho, São José do Rio Preto


language learning and teaching, literature, online lessons, Portuguese as a foreign language, teaching materials


In this paper I present the structure and the initial results of a research and teaching project that focuses on a survey and the analysis of content, and on the production and use of teaching materials (TMs) for the teaching and learning of Portuguese as a foreign language (PFL) in online fashion, produced and used at the Language and Teacher Development Center of IBILCE-UNESP, in the state of Sao Paulo, in Brazil. The reflection highlights the use of literary works in those TMs, considering that literary works – for example, prose, poems, songs, newspaper articles and television series – constitute rich sources of information about cultural, historical and social aspects of the times when they were produced, or about information portrayed in those texts related to topics of interest at present. Given the potential of literary works for teaching and learning languages, we aim at investigating content and teaching procedures embedded in those TMs, and how literary works can favor the production of TMs and the teaching/learning of PFL. The data include questionnaires answered by students, activities for synchronous lessons, video recordings of the lessons, and asynchronous didactic activities. The study also deals with the contributions of the experiences of producing TMs and their use in PFL lessons for complementary teacher education of undergraduate and postgraduate Letter students. Three examples of teaching activities produced from literary works, which have been used at the aforementioned language center, are presented.




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