A escrita nas aulas de português L2: um estudo de caso



This work is the result of a project at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, involving students from the Portuguese Program in the learning process of Portuguese as L2. This work in progress project focuses on the writing process, one of the four major skills of the language. Based on the acquisition of the ability to general writing production, creative writing and rewriting, the project involves not only the students but also the community. The results of this teaching methodology based on action-research revealed an increase in the written structures produced, as well as the involvement, and self-confidence during the writing process. The adoption of this methodology that involves case study theory, one of the many tools used in the learning process, demonstrates to be a source of motivation for students engaging them in the process of the acquisition of Portuguese L2 skills. The outcome of this project is the annual publication of the Portuguese journal O Canto do Mar (2017-2022). Students, being authors, help them to foresee the process of writing production from a different perspective, involving them, and giving them space to create and learn.

 DOI: https://doi.org/10.56515/PLJ562476689




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