About the Journal

The Portuguese Language Journal strives to support the teaching and learning of Portuguese by serving as a forum for conveying and exchanging information based on research, practices, and experiences relevant to this field.

To teach and learn Portuguese as a foreign, second, additional, or heritage language - in short, not native – raises, in our days, many challenges (to teachers, students/learners, educators and policymakers, and researchers, to name some of the actors involved in this process) that are important to know, to study, to rethink and to share. We have many examples of excellent work in our area, from successful programs based on quality frameworks to methodologies, techniques, and resources used to promote the acquisition of communicative competencies. The very specificity of our object of study, articulated in relation Language-Culture, has developed unique processes and tools to assess the knowledge and competencies of those studying a language and the teachers’ training (graduate, post-graduate, initial, specialized, formal, informal). We are confident that this intense activity has generated the emergence of actions, research, and reflections that will have much to gain if shared. As such, the Portuguese Language Journal invites proposals for articles on the different topics mentioned.



Mary Risner, University of Florida  | Founder | Editor 2006-2008, 2016


Margo Milleret, University of Mexico, Emerita | Editor 2010-2012, 2014-2015



Michael Ferreira, Georgetown University & Lyris Wiedemann, Stanford University | Editors 2013


Mary Risner, University of Florida & Luis Gonçalves, Princeton University | Organizers 2016


Rosa Bizarro, Instituto Politécnico de Macau | Guest editor 2017


Luis Gonçalves, Princeton University | Editor 2018


Eugênia Fernandes, University of California, Davis & Luis Gonçalves, Princeton University | Editors 2019-2023